Saturday, December 5, 2015

Interesting and Inspiring

inspring photo of a city building

It’s been a good post-Thanksgiving week, or at least, it was until I got sick. Tis the season, as they say. But let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse then it is right now and maybe we can actually get our tree this weekend? Anyway, here are a few things I’ve been reading this week:

Books + baby onesies are a match made in gift-giving heaven.

Speaking of books, here are some more gift ideas. I've put together gift guides for a couple of the magazines I've worked for and my favorite part is coming up with the categories. From this one: “For the psych major who didn’t just choose it as a default” and “For your nephew who prides himself in his nonchalant attitude toward spiders" (Link via The Fitnessista

Short and sweet parenting advice.  I love these two:

Pay attention, but not too much.

Today’s crisis is tomorrow’s funny story.

If you’re looking for a documentary to watch on Netflix this weekend, this is it. I found myself smiling like an idiot so many times. It’s such a great story and really, just so sweet.

Local link: We went out in search of bagels Sunday morning and everywhere we went was packed. We wound up at The Kneaded Bread, which doesn’t have bagels but does have amazing croissants though. Next time, I’m using this bagel-finding list.

I love a good #TBT, especially when it involves a flashback to bangs.

For the past 6 years, we’ve gotten together with our siblings and cousins a couple weeks before Christmas to watch Love Actually. These might be a good addition to the party. 

Luca is going to be way sad if this banana prediction actually comes true.

[photo via unsplash

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Taking Stock

It’s December 1! I’m not doing monthly Luca updates anymore, but I still want a place where I can record what I’m thinking/doing/wanting to do, as a way to remember the small, everyday things. 

I’ve read these Taking Stock posts in a few different places, but mostly here. And after going backwards a bit, including Bridget’s first of these posts, it looks like it started here, which is where I pulled this list. 

Anyway, on to the post:

Making: lists and lists of holiday-related things. What to buy, what to do, what to make.

Cooking: These enchiladas, for Slow Cooker Tuesday. Usually I hate anything with the word “skinny” in the title, because, I mean, is that really necessary?, but these were really good. And so, so easy.

Drinking: Water. I bought a 32oz water bottle that I fill up before and after lunch and it has made a world of difference. I swear drinking that much water makes me a nicer person.

Reading: Just Kids, by Patti Smith

Wanting:  A new camera.

Looking: Up vacation ideas for a beach trip in January

Deciding: What to get everyone for Christmas. It’s not going that well.

Wondering: When we’re going to take a photo for our holiday card. 

Questioning: Whether to sign Luca up for a music class for the winter

Wishing: I could stop falling asleep on the couch and just go to bed like a normal person.

Enjoying: Smoothies in the morning. I never thought I’d actually be able to pull it off, but using all frozen fruits and vegetables has made it way easier. This podcast was the original inspiration.

Considering: Nursery schools for Luca in September. We have one more tour tomorrow and then it’s decision time.  

Watching: The Mindy Project, as usual on Tuesdays. I’m not so into where they’re going with Danny’s character, but I really appreciate the working mother storyline and, in particular, the push and pull that so many couples feel.

Hoping: For lots of trips in 2016.

Smelling: This awesome apple-scented candle. We never light candles, but this one is worth it.

Wearing: Sweatpants + sweatshirt + blanket. And it will be this until approximately April 2016. 

Knowing: That even if I make Christmas lists now, it’ll be another couple weeks before I actually get anything done.

Thinking: About ideas and goals for next year.

Admiring: Our new rug, which we got in the Home Depot parking lot. Seriously, we did, but it was $289 for an 8x10 area rug and even though I was convinced the color wouldn’t work, it totally does.

Loving: How much Luca is learning. He makes lion sounds and horse sounds and says ‘cat’ and ‘dog,’ even though those sound like ‘caa’ and ‘daa’

Getting: Excited for our 6th annual Love Actually party

Sorting: Through the photos by brother took at Luca’s birthday party. I love them all, but want to narrow down the best for an album

Snacking: On pistachios. It’s been years and years since I had any and man, I forgot how good they are.

Bookmarking: (Can this be Pinterest-ing?) Bathroom photos, for our next major house project.

Feeling: Good. Overall, really good. I don’t feel as overwhelmed or holding-it-together-by a string-ish in this moment. Thanksgiving break felt like an actual break, where I got see lots of friends and family and relax in the middle of it all.

photo credit: This makes me all gooey via photopin (license)