Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean house, clear mind?

About mid-week last week, I started to get this strange feeling. It seemed like everything I owned – from clothes to my published clips – was in a completely state of disorganization. And by that I mean in a complete state of "absolutely all over the place," and I was totally frustrated at not being able to find anything. I took a quick glance around my bedroom and realized that this was in fact, true. My sweatpants were sitting with my summer tank tops. Half-read books that I swore I would finish before the holidays were still sitting on my desk. There was a whole slew of magnetic poetry in a corner by my bed. Seriously, magnetic poetry. They've probably been there since, oh, 2002. Does anyone actually use magnetic poetry anymore? 

And so, in homage to that old quote about a clean house and clean mind, I decided to embark on Project Organization 2010.  I actually just Googled what that quote was, in case I totally made it up and it seems I might have. Cleanliness is next to godliness? I don’t think that was it. I've never been entirely sure what that meant, anyway. But, you know when you clean and organize everything around you and your mind feels suddenly at ease? That's what I was going for. First phase: 

Step 1:  Clear out everything from under my bed. Gems found: Back issues of Jane, which were amazing to read, and have since been placed with other inspirational things. A box full of random things from high school/college – including a mixed tape from 1997. A whole bunch of pretty stickers from back when I thought I could actually have the patience to scrapbook.

Step 2: Separate everything into piles, according to what they are. Art. Wedding. Electronics. Journals. Misc.

Step 3: Go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Walk around the store a few times before realizing that organizational items like, you know, boxes, are set up right in the middle of the aisle. Pick up 4 boxes and one shoe organizer

Step 4: Lay out all organization tools. Wonder if I forgot to buy labels. Find makeshift labels which are actually circles. Label.

 Step 5: Take shoes from closet and put them in brand new shoe holder. Realize shoe holder is only meant to hold 12 pairs of shoes. Manage to stuff in 19.(Also realize in this moment that I own way too many shoes. Especially considering those were primarily just summer shoes. Sigh.)

Step 6: Stack boxes nicely. Place in closet. Slide shoes under the bed. 

Step 7: Mind, clear. 

Next up: Makeup drawer.  

Have you done any organizing lately? Is it just a side effect of the New Year or does it actually make you feel better? 




  1. Oh man, I love organizing!!

    Is there a career in it? Just wish I could organize my freaking time more. Now that's a challenge! Unfortunately planners don't have the benefit of somehow creating magical extra hours in the day =/ Boooo.

  2. I totally miss Jane magazine. Off all the good ones that have closed, that's the one I miss the most!

  3. @sabina - i actually bought a planner, too! i'm so over my head this year! @marisa - me too! dream job, gone. :( @dan - my friend melissa said the same thing!