Monday, June 1, 2015

Six Months

I can say, without overstating too much, that April and May were crazy. It started with hosting Easter and went through two bridal showers, a bachelorette brunch, a few regular brunches, a wine tasting weekend, a communion, work events, lots of last minute shopping trips, a rehearsal dinner, and finally, three weddings in two weeks. It was totally exhausting and totally worth it.

We've been on the go so much, but Luca has been rolling with it and I'm so grateful for that. So while we did take this photo back in April when he actually turned 6 months, I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write about it until now. Better late than never and all that. 

At 6 months, Luca: 

  • Weighs in at about 15.5 lbs, which is definitely less than I thought. He's now in the 15th percentile for weight (or at least, he was as of his 6-month check-up). His pediatrician thinks he'll bulk up once he gets more solid foods, so we're not too concerned. 
  • Is now eating solids twice a day, oatmeal in the morning and veggies/fruit at night 
  • Seems to like every food we give him. Avocados (his first), sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, pears, apples, and on and on. 
  • Wears 9-month clothes, though he'll still squeeze into the 6 month size in pants 
  • Smiles whenever we put the phone in his face to take a picture. I'm exaggerating, but he is a ham for sure. 
  • Loves Whiskey il Ragnetto and Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?, two Italian nursery rhymes we started listening to 
  • Spends lots of time on his colorful play mat, surrounded by all his toys 
  • Can turn himself in a 360-degree circle, but is totally not interested in turning from back to front 
  • Sleeps in his crib. Our bedtime routine right now is book, songs, bed. It's working. (At the moment.) 

     At 6 months, I: 

  • Spent my first weekend away from Luca, when we went wine tasting for Karen’s bachelorette party. There was a moment when we were at some dive bar, late on a Saturday night and I was drinking something and dancing to something and thought: yes, this is me too.
  • Felt so busy, making lots of lists and figuring what was best to do first and second and last. It was the best kind of busy, but there were a few moments in there when it was just too much. 

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