Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Luca’s First Haircut

My sister-in-law gets married on Saturday and we’re in total wedding prep mode over here. I’ve got lists of things to get done before Friday—including, randomly, to buy an iron—and we’ve spent the last week hanging out with a whole bunch of Italian family who are in town.

John and I are both in the wedding party and Luca is the “ring bearer.” I put it in quotes because he can neither walk down the aisle nor be entrusted to carry any actual rings, but he’s got his tux + Converse sneakers combo ready to go and so naturally, needed to trim down his messy hair to match.

One of my close friends recommended we go to Magic Cut forKids in New Rochelle and ask for Raquel. Are you in Westchester? Because I’m recommending the same.

The place was small and clean and totally set up for kids: Ratatouille playing, Elmo peeking his head out from behind the TV and a colorful xylophone at the ready for when the fidgeting started. Raquel was quick and professional and the cut cost $25.

Luca did pretty well, if I can get all proud-mom on the situation. He’s way not into sitting still these days, but he was so distracted by everything around him that by the time he started wanting to move around, it was all over anyway.

Here’s some photos, just to commemorate the milestone:

(He is totally laughing here, I swear.) 


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