Friday, November 20, 2015

Interesting and Inspiring

Happy Friday! I'm tweaking whether I want to post this on Thursday's or Friday's (like the rest of the world), so we'll see. For now, here are the interesting and inspiring things that have been on my radar this week: 

I love this inspiring read on how to do what you love. Especially: "A very wise friend recently pointed out that 'no one will notice you’ve gained five pounds unless you go out of your way to tell them'–and I think that holds true for just about everything." 

There was such power in the image of the Eiffel Tower peace sign that was being shared after the Paris attacks. This is the story behind it. 

This piece, written by a mother who's 3-month-old baby passed away on his first day of daycare, is heartbreaking. Now they've looking to fight for longer parental leave—and that is a cause I can 100 percent get behind. 

Let's hear it for even more pregnancy-approved yoga moves. 

Local link: If you're looking for a new restaurant, this quiz by IntoxiKate will help. (What a great idea for an article!) 

My travel guru sister-in-law was interviewed by the Associated Press about her traveling must-haves. And now I need to get to White House Black Market ASAP and buy one of those dresses. 


This week Slow Cooker Tuesday—wherein I finally get my act together and use the crockpot to make dinner—featured a super easy turkey chili that was Luca-approved.  

This is a fantastic idea for a website and I fully intend to pull it out next time John and I spend an indecisive night scrolling through Hulu. 

Anyone else want to move to Augusta, Georgia with me? 

photo via pretty designs


  1. LOVE this movie website! Great find :) But why Georgia?

  2. Thanks! Cause it's so cheap -- imagine the house we could get there!