Monday, February 8, 2016

Taking Stock

We’ve officially been home from vacation for a week now and I finally feel like we’re back in the swing of things. Luca was sick and I was sick and you know how that goes. But there’s so much to say about the trip and about January in general—we threw a baby sprinkle for Sherry early on, had a big surprise 60th birthday party for my dad a couple weeks ago and then rounded it out with a week in St. Thomas with some of my favorite people.

Now, on to February!

Cooking: nothing, at the moment. I finally got my act together and went food shopping…and then I made scrambled eggs. #fail. (they tasted pretty good though!)

Drinking: tea, all the tea. In this mug, for the win.

Reading: still haven’t finished All the Light We Cannot See. I thought I’d have more time to read on the trip but…toddlers.

Making: lists of things I want to organize. I’m toying with the idea of finally reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I don’t know.  

Wanting: to meet baby Lexi! Hopefully we can make it down there in the next couple weeks.

Looking: for some new shoes for work

Deciding: on all the things for the bathroom renovation. There are so. many. things. Tiles and tubs and toilets and vanities and fixtures and lights and storage and does the showerhead really cost that much?

Wondering: if the snow this week will actually be anything worthwhile

Questioning: whether to go with a round mirror or a rectangular one in the bathroom. First world problems and all that, I know.

Wishing: that we were still at the beach. It’s not freezing here by any means, but 80-degree weather trumps 35-degree weather every single time. (And my best friend Sherry a very happy birthday today!) 

Enjoying: our new makeshift basement gym. Is that something to enjoy? John threw it all together for about $100 and you guys, it’s great. No more running to the gym at like 530 am cause that’s all I can manage. (Though I seriously did that like once.)

Considering: How even one small thing can shift your thinking. How even just the idea of that small thing can shift your thinking.

Watching: Unreal. I had no idea this show existed before this week, and it is absolutely ridiculous in the best way.

Hoping: that Luca feels better. I think he’s definitely over the worst of it, but that lingering cough has got to go

Smelling: leftover pulled pork from Superbowl

Wearing: workout clothes with no intention to workout. J

Knowing: that I have to trust my gut when it comes to Luca—whether it’s the amount of time we’re together or the type of attention I’m giving him or how I want to be as a parent, I know that actually listening to myself is the best I can do right now.

Thinking: how important vacation is—or rather, just how important a reset is. I know it’s completely cliché but that whole time out from your life thing is really key.

Following: Kayla Itsines on Instagram. I’m late to the party, but I can’t decide if it makes me feel motivated or just super lazy…I’m hoping motivated?

Needing: to upgrade my Mac operating system, since it looks like Chrome won’t even run on it soon

Wasting: bobby pins, as always

Marveling: at how the actors in Something Rotten, which we went to see on Saturday night with my siblings, could sing and dance in such heavy costumes. But I’m so glad they did.

Loving: that I got 6 full days to hang out with two of my closest friends. We group chat every day, but there’s something about sitting around until 2 in the morning talking about everything that you can’t really compare

Getting: back into the swing of things.

Sorting: through all the towels and other junk in the linen closet.  

Snacking: on cereal.

Bookmarking: this parenting article. Sometimes I think about the type of person I hope Luca will be, what success means and what it will mean to him. I hope that being creative and thinking outside the box are at the top of the list.

Feeling: tired. And ready for bed.

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