Wednesday, March 3, 2010

lost observations, episode 6

Well, this week went by pretty quickly, didn't it? I swear I feel like I just posted about our favorite island/alternative universe dwelling friends and then look at that, here we are again. 

In much the same way that I'm feeling slightly lazy about writing this post, we were also too lazy to cook last night. Instead, we ordered in soggy sweet potato fries, turkey burgers, mussels (One of these things is not like the other...) and french onion soup. Internet, have you ever ordered takeout french onion soup? No? Good for you. We learned our lesson the hard way. 

Here’s what we thought throughout:

- Sayid goes to visit Nadia. She’s married and Sayid calls her husband “brother.” As in, literally? We Lostpedia it and find out that yes, in fact, it is his actual brother.

- Sayid's carrying a picture of Nadia, says the little girl. Well, little girl, that didn't just make Mommy and Uncle Sayid incredibly awkward.  

- Dogen's baseball drops to the floor and John asks, "What does the baseball represent?" Probably his childhood, we speculate. Maybe we’ll find out in the last episode. You know, when they actually answer some questions. 

 - Claire looks tan in this episode, which gets us thinking: Shouldn’t they all be a little more tan? Or at this point, perpetually sunburned? Maybe it’s the jungle, wonders Dorna.

 - During commercials, we talk about the ridiculousness that is the possibility of Cablevision subscribers losing ABC. Ugh, Cablevision, come on, you want to possibly take away Lost? And Oprah? And the Oscars? Major fail. 

- Back to the show: Omer basically tells Sayid to beat up the guys who loaned him money for  Nadia. We say: Don’t do it, Sayid!

 - Claire tells Dogen to speak English. He’s very obliging with the language changing, says Dorna.

 - Evil incarnate? Oh, right, that’s who smoke-monster Locke (SML) is. 

 - Mid-way, we’re thinking: In both realities, Sayid is being tempted/tested. Even though he's predominantly good (at least, we think so), both Omer and Dogen (and later, SML), want him to focus on and use the bad he has in him. Devil tempting, much? 

 - At least Miles still thinks Claire looks hot. 

 - Did Dogen set Sayid up? Because he knew that if he tried to kill SML that SML would just kill Sayid?

 - SML proves our point. 

 Sayid can have anything in the entire world: Awww, the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms! Dorna and I swoon.

 - Claire is down in a ditch, singing to herself. Claire = Crazy. Point taken, Lost writers. 

- Side note: Every time I see an egg crack on TV, I automatically think of that old “This is your brain on drugs” commercial. 

- Military guy, or Keamy, forgives the debt just like that? Put it in writing, says Dorna.

 - Woah, Dogen just told Sayid his whole sad life story and then Sayid kills him! But at least now the baseball thing makes sense. ONE question answered! 

 - Where do the burning crosses come from?

 - Previews for next week: So Ben is gonna die? Well, at least they didn’t say that “Questions will be answered!” Because clearly, they weren’t.


Thoughts: The content of each episode is pointing more and more towards faith, which leads John to come up with this theory: In their original lives, it seems as if all the principal characters have lost faith somehow, whether it's in their families (Kate, Jack), their marriages (Sun/Jin), or the world around them (Locke), so maybe the island is a test towards regaining that faith somehow. We're not sure, but it's a thought. 

So, what did you think? 


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