Thursday, March 4, 2010

three amazing things

1. Short haircuts 

I've had short hair since the end of April 2008, right after Sherry got married. I wanted it long for her wedding so that I'd be able to put it up, but once the weekend was over, that was it. I chopped it into a short bob, slightly longer in front. And I loved it. Like, loved it to the point where I spent the first week hoping it wouldn't grow too fast, just in case I went back to the salon and my hairdresser somehow couldn't remember how he'd cut it the last time I was there. 

I kept it short, going from bob to cropped and layered and choppy, until this past October, when I had my last haircut. Because in December, I got engaged. And as soon as you get engaged people start asking if you're planning on growing your hair so that it will be long enough to curl or pull up or back for the wedding. I thought about it and since I couldn't really make up my mind, I let it grow. Eventually, it hit my shoulders and was much easier to keep out of my face at the gym.  

Until Tuesday. I couldn't handle it anymore. It was weighing me down, to basically be literal about it. So I went and chopped it short once again, and immediately, right as I was sitting in the chair reading some old copy of Allure, I felt like myself again. 

2. New ways to wear almost-abandoned clothes 

Pretty much any time you walk into the Gap, you're guaranteed to get something on sale. In fact, I can probably count the number of times, I've bought something for full price—a super cute clutch that was stolen one summer in Italy and a t-shirt dress from at least 4 years ago that has become my default bridal shower outfit. So when I found a cute, long green tank for about $10 last summer, I figured there would be some way I could wear it. Turns out, there wasn't. It was too long to wear with jeans and when it was hot out, too short to wear with leggings. 

And I almost forgot about it, poor thing, until earlier this week, when I rescued it from the murky bottom of my dresser drawer.  I tried it on over leggings, pairing it with a long grey sweater, which balanced out the shortness. And look at that— it turns out the whole "shopping your closet" thing might actually work. 

3. Individual hummus packs 

I'm obsessed, obsessed with hummus. The problem though, is that the damn small print on the packaging says you have to use it within a week of opening. And since no one else in my house shares my love, it ends up going bad because, as hard as I try and as much as I'd like, I CANNOT eat an entire package in a week. 

So on Sunday, when I was food shopping with John, I was lamenting this very fact when he handed me this 4-pack of Sabra individually-wrapped hummus containers. AMAZING. 

I knew there was a reason I was marrying this boy. 

[photo courtesy of Sabra] 


  1. I find it hard to believe that Steve dislike hummus

  2. you know how they say that major breakthroughs in the scientific community tend to occur around the same time?

    our discovery of the individual Sabra packs is kind of the same way - I just bought them for the first time yesterday! and yes, I am totally implying that hummus is, of course, just as major as stem cell research and the like.

  3. o man im sorry dude, i've known about the individual hummus packs for a while. had i known your dilemma i would have shared this info with you. just fyi, if you want to go nuts, costco has ginormous packs of individual hummus packs...and you're really supposed to finish it in a week? going to pretend like i didn't hear that....

    and i still can't tell if you look skinnier, older, or taller w. the new haircut, either way, nice!!

  4. love the short hair on you - suits you very nicely... inspires me to cut my own (remember that!!)

    and love the mini hummus ! i wish i would have thought of it....

  5. The last line made me, "Awwwww..." :)