Saturday, March 7, 2015

Four Months

At 4 months, Luca:

  • Weighs 14lbs, 13 oz. as of 3/2
  • Smiles all the time. It’s especially great when I come home from work and he’s there smiling.
  • Grabs at everything. My shirt, the laundry, his toys.
  • Tries to put everything he grabs into his mouth. And gets particularly frustrated when it doesn’t fit.
  • Sits in this little chair, pulling at the toys and hanging out at (on) the table while we eat dinner
  • Drools everywhere, all the time
  • Laughs openly, usually at the most random things
  • Went to his first Gymboree class a couple weeks ago, with his friend Max. Having friends with babies is just so nice.
  • Is finally out of the bassinet and into the pack and play. We tried out the crib last weekend but that went miserably and we were up basically every hour. So we’re sticking with the pack and play for another few weeks.
  • Is still getting a mix of breast milk and formula. We had to switch him to Alimentum, since he most likely has a milk protein sensitivity. He seems fine, but that formula smells something awful.
  • Has a little bit of eczema, which isn’t surprising considering John has it and my skin is super sensitive too. I’ve been using the Babyganics lotion but am thinking of trying the Aveeno baby eczema version.
  • Is still sleeping through most of his restaurant visits. I need to find a “restaurant” setting on those white noise apps.

At 4 months, I:

  • Am so happy that we can take the baby out and about much more these days. I took him shopping with me last weekend and it felt so different to have to look for the elevator instead of the escalator, let others open the door for the stroller and make sure I timed our trip to his eating schedule.
  • Have stopped eating dairy, because of Luca’s milk sensitivity. I thought it would be a lot harder, but with coconut yogurt, almond milk and avocado BLTs (my new favorite sandwich), it’s actually not bad at all.
  • Am getting anxious to start working out again. I’ve been taking it easy because of the C-section, but want to get back to it, especially with all the weddings we have coming up.
  • Am feeling like life just seems so much shorter now, in a way. Like we only get one chance, and shouldn’t it be the best it can be?
  • Still come home to pump during lunch and have started to pump right before bed, too. This is fine, except when it’s 2am.  
  • Am so happy that it’s 5:45p.m. and it’s still light out. Baby steps, but maybe spring is actually on it’s way?

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