Saturday, March 28, 2015

Luca’s Baptism

Luca had his baptism a couple of weeks ago, at the same church that I grew up in and where John and I got married almost 4 years ago. It was simple and sweet and so nice to have all our family there to celebrate this little guy. 

My brother Carmine and sister-in-law Jennifer are the godparents. They totally spoiled this kid and he's (and we) are so lucky to have them. (On a different note, Luca is totally skeptical about that bonnet, but come on, it's super cute!)  

Luca was pretty good throughout the ceremony—afterwards the priest told us how it seemed like he was actually paying attention, hah! Not surpassingly, though, he cried when the water was poured on his head. 

We had the party at Tutta Bella Trattoria in Scarsdale, which I would 100 percent recommend if you're looking to do an event like this (or bridal, baby shower) in Westchester. The food was great, there were lots of options, and the waitstaff really went out of their way, I felt. 

Overall it was just such a great day. It may be corny, but sometimes it's just so overwhelming how much this little guy is loved. I feel so so grateful.

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