Sunday, August 2, 2015

Interesting and Inspiring

I used to do a version of this in the very beginning. (I still use those stamps, actually) So in the spirit of sticking to the theme, I'm going to steal and slightly revise the line I wrote back then.

Here, a rotating roster of interesting and inspiring reads and finds and thoughts: 

I love the idea of admitting to ourselves the things that we don't like or that don't define us, instead of always sticking to the things we think we are.

Last week I kept thinking about how to incorporate things into my life—gym, cooking more, etc. etc., on and on. Leo at Zen Habits comes through with some awesome tips on how to actually do that.  

Being able to do a handstand is on my bucket list. (Are we still calling them life lists?) Here are some ways to actually get there.

I’ve been using Cetaphil since college, but this has seriously made me rethink it.

If you love reality shows, like I know you do, you should really take this quiz. I belong on The Hills, naturally.

Even if you’re not about to start your own business, what these smart women have to say on work-life balance and being an entrepreneur is inspiring. 

Speaking of, a few of my closest friends also had babies this year, and we’re endlessly talking/emailing/whats app-ing about working and life and balance and choices and how to figure it all out. My friend Melissa, an nurse practitioner who works in labor and delivery at a big hospital, had this to say and it was so straightforward and spot on, that I wanted to share:

"Working with young mothers, mothers of teenagers, and grandmothers has given me perspective. The advice I received from each group of women based on the wisdom they had gained, had an important underlying theme: Whether you choose to work full time, part time or stay at home, you have to be okay with that decision and also know it is not permanent. You can love your career and be a mother. How you do it, regardless, is inspiring. Every one of the women I spoke to said there is an adjustment and you have to be willing to change over time."

It’s so simple, really, but sometimes those are the things that we need to hear.

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