Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Scenes: Sesame Place

The rain wound up holding out for us this weekend, which was great. Also great? The fact that the threat of rain meant that the crowds weren't too bad at Sesame Place, which I can imagine is crazy packed in the summer. I'm guessing this is the secret to amusement park going? 

We went down to Sherry and Anish's on Saturday afternoon, had dinner and the hung out for a bit before calling it an early night. Parenting life and all that...but seriously, one day we won't be tired all the time, right? 

The park itself isn't huge, which is great with little kids--and it was even smaller since the water rides were closed for the season. Everything was dressed up for Halloween, including lots of the kids who came in costumes. (Ours didn't.) They had lots of cute things set up, like trick or treating stands throughout the park where kids could stop and get some cookies/pretzels/etc. 

We started off at the carousel, and then went on a bunch of other rides. I know the park is geared towards younger kids, but I totally appreciated the fact that Luca, at almost 2, could go on almost everything. 

The lines weren't bad either, though we did learn a thing or two about patience and waiting your turn. 

This happy baby hung out in the carrier most of the day and barely made a peep--she was just taking it all in. It's crazy to think that next year she'll be running around with the boys. 

We stayed for the parade, which was adorable--and worth the wait till 4pm. The boys also got some pre-parade lollipops. Let's just say that one fell on the floor, there were some tears, a replacement and then all was well with the world. 

It was such an awesome day and I'm so glad we got to hang out for the weekend. I wish these three kiddos lived closer--Sherry and I grew up across the street from each other--but hopefully these kinds of days will mean they'll stay close, no matter how far they are. 

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