Saturday, October 1, 2016

What to Take on a Road Trip

We're spending the night at Sherry's and we're headed out in a few minutes. Even though it only takes a couple hours to get there, we're still gearing up. And by that I mean that we're taking the 5 things we always seem to take with us on road trips these days. (The truth: this list is nothing new, just getting it down for the record of it): 

  1. Coffee/tea. Because if one of us falls asleep it's all over. (And that someone is usually me.) 
  2. Change of clothes for Luca. We learned this one the hard way when we were driving from San Francisco to LA this summer and wound up with a car full of um, gross goldfish. (Sorry.) 
  3. Podcasts. We did Revisionist History on the trip to Cape Cod and we're going to listen to How I Built This or Young House Love Has a Podcast this time. 
  4. Snacks. When we drove through Spain on our honeymoon our snacks were much tastier/healthier things like manchego cheese. These days it's Trader Joe's trail mix for the win. 
  5. Stickers. Maybe it's just our kid, but stickers can keep him occupied for so long. And when that fails, I'm no where near above giving him the phone. :) 
What do you bring with you? 

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