Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Night

For some reason I can't seem to totally kick this cold, so John's going solo on the toddler bedtime routine and I'm hanging back and drinking lots of tea and binging episodes of Call the Midwife. Does anyone else find that whenever they watch that show they want to have all the babies? Well, that and every time I see those women giving birth in their beds at home I can't help but imagine myself doing that--and delivering the 10 pound baby I wound up having...

Anyway, so all that to say that I'm taking it easy tonight, especially since we're headed down to Sherry's tomorrow for some much needed Nemmy, Luca and Lexi time and a trip to Sesame Place. I'm actually excited to go to the park (who have I become?), so I'm hoping the rain holds out.

So on that note, it's back to tea drinking for me.

1 comment:

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