Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend Scenes

Well, I missed a day yesterday—I’m about a month and a half into this thing—but I have a good excuse: we happened to have parked only a block away from that explosion in NYC on Saturday night. We weren’t by the car when it happened, thankfully, but getting home took a lot longer than expected. Hopefully everyone that was hurt makes a quick recovery.  

Other than that , the weekend itself was great. Saturday morning we went up to an apple orchard and got to celebrate one of our favorite little guy's turning 2 with a hayride and some time in the pumpkin patch. Max and Luca are only a few weeks apart in age and I love watching them grow up together. 

Also, even though it was 80 degrees out, being at the orchard--and eating some apple cider donuts--made me want all things fall. 

After that, we headed into the city to see one of my friend's from Italy, who was here on her honeymoon. We hadn't seen each other in probably about 10 years--and I hadn't met her husband until the other day--but we all just fell right back into it. 

We totally spent some time reminiscing about summers past--and many of the stupid things we did--and even though I know I say it (or at least think it) all the time, I just feel so grateful to have had them. 

Simona and Alessio wound up staying at our place on Saturday night, so we got some extra time to hang out--and then were able to get breakfast this morning before they headed back to their hotel and then back home. 

Not the best picture, but in case there was any doubt that Italians will always choose cake and pastries over eggs and bagels for breakfast, here's proof. 

I just love his face. I'm not feeling super hot, so I'm headed to bed, but here's to a good week ahead. 

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