Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Taking Stock This Week

Cooking: Nothing, this week. Why do I feel like I said this last week too? But this week has been full of plans and we’re eating out most nights.

Drinking: I had a watermelon agua fresca at dinner tonight – so good.

Reading: I think maybe I got one or two more pages into My Antonia. I think it’s time I jump ship, guys.

Wanting: A dry shampoo that actually works.

Looking: For photos to hang in our living room, still.  

Playing: Uno—well, I used to.

Wishing: That things were simpler, sometimes

Enjoying: Spending time with Joyce, Jason and Charlie, who are here from Texas this week

Waiting: For my first StitchFix to come—I finally ordered it and the first one comes on Friday.  

Deciding: Where to go for our weekend away. We’re thinking Burlington, VT right now. This hotel looks kind of fun, though a bit more than we’d like to spend at the moment.

Wondering: How it’s all going to play out.

Watching: Homeland, season 2. Also, I’m catching up on the show Casual on Hulu. I kind of like it.

Hoping: For big things.

Wearing: Long pants again. It’s still 80 degrees out, but something in the air feels like it’s switched and we should all be wearing sweaters and boots again. I really want to be wearing this sweatshirt soon.

Knowing: We don’t have much control over anything.  

Thinking: About what do for Luca’s birthday. I think I said this last week too.

Loving: Getting to see so many friends and family this week. I wish we could all live on the same street and just hang out every day, always. Too much to ask?

Getting: Excited for dinners with some of my favorite girls tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow, we have our Babes Who Brunch (should we trademark it?) meet-up. Though we actually had to switch it to Babes Who Brunch For Dinner this month since we couldn’t figure a weekend day that worked for everyone. I’ll do breakfast for dinner any time, to be honest.

Sorting: Through Luca’s clothes and toys. Along with cleaning up the playroom, I went through his fall clothes and got things organized and put away.

Snacking: On popcorn, always.

Bookmarking: This short post about grammar that I never thought about before—but is so true.

Giggling: At Luca, all the time. Today, as we were driving home from dinner he said, “Back home. Play trucks.” It’s crazy that these are like, real sentences. I know all the seasoned parents are rolling their eyes, but man, this is fun.

Feeling: Content.