Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Taking Stock This Week

Cooking: John and I made the mistake smart decision to tally up how much we spend on eating out/takeout in a month and the results weren’t particularly favorable. So the plan is to cook at home a lot more. Any recipe recommendations?

Drinking: Flavored seltzer—but only lemon and orange. I bought coconut the other day and I think I just need to stick with the usuals.

Reading: I need a new book, asap.

Wanting: A manicure

Looking: Forward to fall clothes.

Playing: With crayons and construction paper.

Enjoying: Getting back to the gym this morning after a week of not going. Getting up at 5:15 isn’t exactly fun, but it always feels worth it when I go.

Waiting: For the weekend—we’re seeing some friends from Italy that I haven’t seen in years, and I can’t wait.

Deciding: That I’m only going to keep the sweater they sent in the Stich Fix—but I’m super excited for the next one.

Wondering: How everything will play out

Watching: Homeland, still, but also old episodes of Cheers in the meantime. Even 25 years later, they still hold up.

Hoping: That Luca has an awesome experience in school—he seems to love being with the kids and in the classroom so far and as a total nerd myself, I hope that stays with him always.

Wearing: Yoga pants.

Knowing: That I need to do something with my hair. It’s just lying flat these days and it’s about time to figure it out.

Loving: That Luca says his full name now. For the past few months it’s just been “Lu” then yesterday he randomly said “Lu-ca” with a strong emphasis on the ca, lol. He also keeps saying “Trader Joe’s” and it’s the best.

Getting: Excited for October. I’m not wishing time away or anything, but we have a bunch of things planned and I can’t wait for them.

Thinking: Too much, as usual.

Snacking: On Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice kettle corn. I’m all in on this bandwagon and I don't even feel guilty about it. 

Bookmarking: The website And North, which is an awesome collection of things to do in upstate NY, like the Catskills and such. John loves going hiking up there and it’s nice to see what else there is to do, too.

Giggling: At this article on the “things I’m absolutely going to get to eventually”—yes to that whole photo thing. Also the cords.


  1. Have you read either of the books I gave you?! You should read those. :)

    1. Hahah, you are totally right! You know, I have one on my nightstand actually--under a couple books about trains....

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