Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekend Scenes

What is it about long weekends that never feel particularly long? I feel like we blinked and went from Friday night to Monday night and we suddenly found ourselves doing the usual day-before-work errands like food shopping and laundry. 

But, what was of the weekend was super fun. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked so these and some words will have to do. 

Luca had been at my parents house on Friday, so after work I picked him up and we stayed there for pizza. Afterwards, we met with Miriam and Joe for some gelato over at Pane & Gelato--it was super busy, actually, but so good. 

Saturday was the engagement party--which I already mentioned, along with my major backyard envy. That may have directly led to us actually hanging up the huge frames we bought. Sunday morning success. Luca has no fall clothes that fit him, so we also went to Baby Gap and Gymbroee, where they were having big sales (40% and 50% off most things), so we got Luca stocked for school. (Uh, even though it's going to be like 85 degrees here all week...) 

Later on on Sunday we went to my aunt and uncle's house for my cousin Danny's 25th birthday party. I'm the worst and didn't actually get a photo of the birthday boy--or the awesome pizza they were making on the grill.

What I did happen to get was a picture of is Luca with his cousins (there are also two other cutie boys not pictured here -- so many boys!), who played with him all day. My cousin gave us this workbench and Luca was super happy to "pway tools" basically the entire time.

My cousin gave us a ton more toys too, which gave me a good excuse to finally organize the playroom we finished a couple months back. Well, actually this half of the room is finished, I should say. The other half, which is basically about the same size, doesn't have much in it. We're thinking of making it more of an arts and crafts area, with a table and a big pegboard for art supplies etc. I'm thinking it'll also be a good spot for homework later on. So the above pic is what it looked like when I started out this morning, and below is what it looked like when we finished (uh, and when Luca was napping, obviously.)

The next couple weeks are super busy, which I think I'm slightly psyching myself out for, but it's all good busy so for that I'm grateful. 


  1. Must have been an ah moment when you saw the room come together! Great job to you and JB!

    1. It was -- and one of these days I'll get it that clean again, too. Thanks!