Sunday, September 4, 2016

Where to Travel

At the party yesterday, we were talking about my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s upcoming trip to Iceland and our cousin’s upcoming trip to New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. They sound awesome, right?

John and I are hoping to get a quick weekend trip in sometime this fall, but other than that we're not planning much else. Though we did get to go to a few awesome places this year, so I can't complain. 

But it did get me thinking about future travel—where I’d want to go and what I’d like to do. It’s funny, I read back on this post from 2009, and I wanted so badly to go to Spain and Iceland. I can happily say we did go to both those places—Spain for our honeymoon in 2011 and then Iceland in 2012.

I’d say the places on my list as of now are: 
  • Greece, which has actually been on there since we were planning our honeymoon, though we opted for Spain
  • Australia
  • Costa Rica
  • Portugal
  • India
  • Hawaii

 And then in the U.S, I really want to go to Nashville, Savannah and New Orleans.

Those are probably the ones that top my list at the moment, with Australia at the very top. I’d also say that I’d go to Iceland again in a second. (The photo at the top is from our trip there.) But I’d love to rent a car and drive around the country this time. John will be the happiest person ever when he hears this, but I also think renting some kind of RV for Iceland would be super fun.

So while I know this is pretty much just wishful thinking for now, it’s always nice to have an agenda right?

Where would you go right now, if you could go anywhere? 


  1. I remember we talked about this too.Right now I would definetely go to Italy and Denmark :) after that I think I would continue with the Scandinavian countries and maybe a quick stop in Russia. I have also some room for one of those magical sandy islands with beautiful beaches just for relaxation. Nice list, but personally I have no desire to visit Australia anytime soon hihihi.

    1. Hahha Italy is always on my list so I can't even count it! But I do think Denmark and also Sweden would be super fun - let's start planning!

  2. Told Sherry I want to go to Australia for our 10 year anniversary!

  3. I want to go to the Pacific Northwest, and Ireland. But really, anywhere in Europe since I've never been! :(

  4. I been thinking of this recently! I really want to go to Italy and Greece! Ah, do people go with toddler or babies to Greece?

    1. I think they do! I KNOW they go to italy so perhaps a trip is in our future??