Saturday, September 10, 2016

A (Surprise) Baby Sprinkle

I have only been to two baby sprinkles and while I am obviously no expert, they may easily edge out baby/bridal showers as the ideal way to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong: I really like the baby/bridal variety—I like parties and I’m a total sucker for Pinterest and all its coordinating colors. I’ll gladly sit there with you and figure out how to mason jar the hell out of whatever you’re doing—and then find etsy-inspired prints to match your theme and make sure you own a couple packs of striped straws and at least a dozen chalkboards. But they can also be a lot.

The thing that I like about these sprinkles is that they’re decidedly low key. It’s really a day to hang out with your friends and relax for a second before your life turns into newborn craziness again.

With that idea in mind, we had a baby sprinkle for my friend Laura on Thursday. She had no idea (I mean, I assume) when she walked into The Granola Bar, this cute little breakfast place in Greenwich, that we would be there waiting for her.

I hadn't been here before, but the food was really good--eggs and yogurt and such--and they had a bunch of smoothies I'd like to come back and try.

And look at that, we got our mason jar anyway!

We got Laura some new outfits for the baby. Anyone else have a fall/winter baby who spent the first 4 months of his or her life in these onesie pajamas? Luca wore them constantly and I am not upset about that at all.

After breakfast, we went over to the Delamar--we were pretending to be super fancy--and had massages. They were everything.

And since there was no one else there, we got to hang out for another hour or so, just talking and sitting around in our robes like fancy people who usually spend their Thursday mornings like that.

But honestly, sometimes you DO need to spend your Thursday mornings, or Saturday mornings or Tuesday mornings with your friends, eating good food and talking about baby names and new houses and how much things have changed in the 19 years since you met. Cheers to that.


  1. It is pretty amazing how after 19 years we still find topics to talk about! Ah looking forward to next 20 years.