Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Taking Stock This Week

Making: Something with apples? Our friends dropped off some apples yesterday from Saturday’s visit and I’m thinking maybe I can find a few minutes to make something out of them. The much greater likelihood is that they’ll wind up as part of our breakfast and/or snack.

Cooking: Our first spaghetti squash of the season. Wasn’t fooling pasta-loving Luca tho.

Drinking: Pomegranate seltzer. Fall-ish?

Reading: I just started Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. This book looks so good too.

Wanting: To be more creative

Looking: Forward to the weekend

Playing: With watercolors. I picked up the $2 pack from Target over the weekend and Luca and I went to town. He didn’t totally grasp that you had to put paint on the brush after you dip it in the water, but you know…art takes time.

Wasting: Time watching the Real Housewives. I can’t help myself.

Wishing: For daily naps

Enjoying: Slightly cooler weather

Watching: This is Us. It filled my Parenthood void and sorry, but overwrought dramas never get old in my book.

Wondering: About, about, about (It’s not an answer, I don’t think.)

Loving: The top photo, which my brother Carmine took on a recent hiking trip with John. He has so many good ones, I can't even tell you.

Hoping: Luca feels better. He wound up with a fever this afternoon and he’s sleeping on the couch as I type

Marveling: At all the things I want to remember. I make up lists in my head sometimes, even though I know I should just record it all here. But there’s so much I want to make note of—what Luca says and how we react. When he started doing this or that. I look back on pictures from even a year ago and it feels so fast.

Needing: A haircut, which I'm finally getting tomorrow. 

Wearing: The post-work uniform of sweats and a t-shirt. Though I really need some new shirts to wear to work—I always wind up buying new ones for spring/summer and fall/winter but I don’t know if day-to-day shirts are even worth investing in or if it’s better to stick to the H&M staples?

Noticing: Chipped nail polish, crumbs on the counter

Knowing: What’s meant to be will be, always

Thinking: About turning 33 in 5 days. The jumble feels like it’s starting—the years where you’re “in your 30s” instead of focused on a specific number. I’m sure there will be more to say soon.  

Bookmarking: This piece, over on Design for Mankind. If you don’t read Erin’s blog already, it’s exactly what blogging should be.

Snacking: On Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almond bark. So good.  

Giggling: At Luca singing Happy Birthday in the car over the weekend. He went through the whole list: Mama, Dada, Nonno, Nonna….

Feeling: Distracted

[photo by Carmine

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