Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Scenes

I'm not proud to admit that I wound up falling asleep while watching the 2014 season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and when I woke up close to midnight I just couldn't bring myself to write anything. Or look anyone in the eye. 

The weekend, though, has been great. Coincidently, great is Luca's new answer to everything. Luca, how was school? Great. Luca, how are your trucks? Great. Luca, is that ice cream good? No...great. Here's hoping his enthusiasm doesn't wane in the coming years. 

I had to work on Saturday, but afterwards we went to my cousin's house for my little cousin's birthday. There were burgers and hot dogs and pastiere. Pastiere is basically a spaghetti pie, which looks like this. And also this. So we call it pastiere, but I just looked it up and it seems like other people might not call it that? Italians, what's the actual name? Pastiera di pasta? Frittata di pasta? It seems like it, according to that Chiarapassion blog I just linked to. Anyway, I have to get the recipe from my grandmother because it's amazing. 

After the party, we walked down to this outdoor concert (birthday boy is on the right!) and hung out for a bit before Luca passed out in the stroller. 

My birthday is on Monday and on Sunday, JB and L gave me an awesome birthday gift, plus this wonderful surprise right here, which I tend to take full advantage of this week. ;) 

We went to brunch at Rivermarket in Tarrytown with my family to celebrate and wound up spending about 4 hours hanging out, talking and admiring Carmine's new car. (The car's up on my Instagram story...) 

I don't take for granted for one second the fact that not only do I get to be related to these awesome people, but that I'm lucky enough to love spending time with them too. 

As might be expected, I have lots of thoughts on turning 33, which I'm hoping to actually collect and write out tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm spending my last night of being 32 drinking tea and hanging out on the couch. It doesn't get much better than that, friends. 

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