Friday, September 2, 2016

Long Week, Long Weekend

I'm reserving the right to write just a few short sentences tonight.

It's been a long day, after a long week. I'm tired, mostly. There are a ton of things on my mind, and none of its coming out clear right now. Sound familiar? But the day ended with pizza and gelato, so I'm gonna consider it a win.

Now, onto the weekend.

Before I go though, some good things I read this week:

  • "No One Likes Meg" totally made me want to re-read Little Women. And so many other classic books I read as a kid that I'd like to get an adult perspective on.
  • "Pajama Rich," especially this sentence from the piece: "Athleisure humble-brags." Yes. It's long, but worth it. I found it over on Joy the Baker, who does the best link round-ups and I look forward to reading them all week.