Thursday, September 29, 2016

Summer to Fall

There’s a part of me that’s blaming all this on the change in seasons. Maybe it’s the extra light that comes with the summer, the longer days, the fact that there’s always someone in the office on vacation. It all feels a little more free, doesn’t it?

Things didn’t feel that crazy this summer, not in the way they did last summer, at least. We did a million things and we went a million places, but there were lots of other days when we hung out at home, in the backyard, walking to the park and around the block. I worked out and we grilled burgers and we went on vacation.

But then quickly, it all kind of changed. Fall is always busy for us, with birthdays and long to do lists that involve apples and pumpkins and changing leaves and buying big, bulky scarves. They’re good things, for sure, but they’re all things that kind of snuck up on me. One day we’re bbq-ing and the next we’re ordering butternut squash soup and wondering why it’s dark at 6:30.

I can wax poetic all you want about how much I love fall and how I’m happy to wear plaid anything. (Catholic school forever!) But it just feels really fast this year. Like the rug was pulled out from under me or something. The routine I had going has changed and my workouts are all over the place (slash non-existent at the moment), we’re doing lots of leftovers and I still haven’t folded the laundry from last weekend.

Mostly, the idea of just sitting on the couch and watching lots of TV sounds super appealing. Maybe it’s the all-over-the-place-ness of the summer that’s finally catching up with me? Maybe it’s just my body gearing up for a long winter spent mostly inside? Maybe it’s just me making 1 million excuses?

Last week when I was eavesdropping on listening to some conversations in the nail salon, one woman asked another if she liked working and having a baby. And the woman said it depends on the week. I can relate to that on a few different levels—but mostly to the fact that these days, things in general just seem to change week to week.

One week we’ve got it all under control, the next week we’re down to the last diaper and hoping that the “emergency” one you keep in that pocket of the stroller is still there.

I’m trying to get back on track—crossing those small things off the list that feel like they take up the most mental room and making decisions that will hopefully free up some more time for us.

And then mostly I’m trying to remember that one week it’s this, one week it’s that. That fall comes with it’s own feelings. Maybe the days are shorter and maybe we need more layers, but maybe there’s a freedom in that, too.

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