Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and so starts the final season...

I actually remember the first episode of Lost. I was living in Boston, in my senior year of college, and my roommate Erica was sitting on the couch watching it. The rest of us made fun of her for quite some time, citing the sci-fi aspect and who really survives a plane crash in the middle of the ocean? We were much more content with the realistic content in Grey's Anatomy and the O.C. 

But, I apologize now to Erica, on the Internet and everything, because a few summers later, John and I spent way too much time indoors catching up on all the seasons. (I actually sometimes think it was more satisfying watching it on DVD, since we could just go on to the next episode without waiting an entire week and sorting through a whole bunch of speculation to get there.) I realized after watching episode after episode that the show was great and entertaining, even if at times ridiculous. Added bonus: The wonderful Dorna and Pedro were equally obsessed.  

So, last year we started our own little Lost parties on Wednesday nights where  we alternated between eating Greek, pizza, Turkish and sometimes leftovers, consistently trying to figure out what the hell we were missing/forgot/didn't understand. This year, the tradition starts again—although we're down one person, with Pedro moving to Philadelphia and all. 

Last night, we put together the ingredients needed for a proper premiere: 

1. Cooking. Oh, didn't you know? We're all grown up now. 
Oh no, I definitely didn't take this mashed potato mix from my mom's kitchen. 

2. Actual cooked food. Very strategic placement by Dorna, I should add. 

3. Snuggie/Mermaid costume stand-in. 

4. Fire. 

5. Necessary "What, how is that even possible?" face. 

Some observations we made while watching: 
(There might be some spoilers in here, so if you haven't seen the episode yet, get on that. and then come back here and let's talk about it! Oh, and I kind of forgot to write down who said what and when, even though I think, in theory, I meant to.) 

- Last season, the color of Juliet and Sawyer's hair completely clashed. 
- We don't like Evangeline Lily's hair in that L'oreal commercial. We prefer it all unwashed and wavy-like. 
- We are obsessed with hair. Ever notice how Sawyer's always looks wind-blown? 
- Airplane! Is this happening at the same time? Or are we going to see it all meld together in the end? 
- Bad CGI, says Dorna. 
- But Desmond's still cute. 
- The TV is fuzzy already, but now the sound, too? Oh, oops, sorry, now they can hear. 
- Bernard and Rose are so cute. 
- Does anyone else remember how the guy sitting between Locke and Boone is the one from the Aaron Burr peanut butter commercial? 
- Locke's body was inhabited by the black-shirt-wearing guy. But why does he want to kill Jacob? 
- How in the world does Juliet survive beneath all that metal? 
- Charlie's back!! 
- We assume Juliet will die cause she's on that new show. 
- More new characters?! The other others? 
- Kate and Sawyer are totally Joey and Pacey. 
- Sayid is dead. But not for long, we think. 
- If some strangers who just lied to you about killing/not killing your friend, would you really take the food/drink they offered? 
- I liked Locke better pre-smoke monster. 
- We called it halfway through: Jacob is inhabiting Sayid's body. 

Overall thoughts, from Dorna: I feel like we're seeing the most basic and common of themes kinda emerge in the most intricate of TV storylines ever: good, evil, fate, destiny. Funny how, even with a complex show like boils down to that. 

So, what did you think?? 

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