Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lost observations

So, I didn't exactly mean to not post about Lost last week. I just got lost (heh) (wow, that was really lame, sorry) - I just got caught up in a whole bunch of other things and by the time I could actually sit down and write about it, it was way after the fact. And anyway, since it was snowing in NY last week, we actually did a virtual Lost part, which wasn't nearly as fun. 

Clean slate. 

This week, although the weather was still crappy (rain, snow, slush...dear summer, please hurry.) we reconvened at John's apartment. I made pasta e fagioli from my grandmother's recipe—which I can post here, actually, if anyone is interested. It turned out really well, which got my hopes up that maybe one day I'll be able to cook somewhat decently and not have to rely on tuna fish sandwiches and Morning Star veggie burgers. 

Here's what we thought throughout: 

- We were talking through the recap, but realized you can absolutely tell who the episode is going to be about by who is focused on during the 30-second catch-up. 

-  This season, the episodes seem to focus on one or two characters, which is totally reminiscent of earlier seasons. 

- Jack has a son! 

- We think the mom is Kate. Although we're not sure if she and Jack have met in non-island universe. But Kate's eyes and David's eyes are super similar. 

- Hurley and Miles are playing Tic, Tac, Toe, which looks just as boring and pointless on the island as it does in real life. No one ever wins! They do get points for creativity in making the board out of tree branches, though. 

- Jacob appears to Hurley and we decide that Jacob looks like someone we know, but we're not sure who. He looks like he could have gone to one of the Catholic schools around here, which would make sense if you're going with the whole Jacob-as-Jesus-scenario.

- David doesn't want to deal with his father, and doesn't want to go to Grandma's house to look for dead Grandfather's will. Our parents would have dragged us in the car and made us go. AND forced us to take off the damn headphones. 

- Jin is stuck in one of Claire's traps—how in the world is his leg not more damaged? Later, when she "stitches" him up, it's just a hole. Really? 

-  Hurley writes Jacob's direction on his arm in blue ink, which gives us immediate high school flashbacks. 

- What exactly is that animal Claire is keeping in the baby crib? 

- Also, her hair totally looks crimped, says Dorna. 

- Claire is in Jack's father's will! 

- Why does David have an answering machine? asks Dorna. Hm, we wonder, no one has answering machines anymore, do they? We later get into a discussion about cell phones and high school and how kids must text answers to other kids from the bathroom. 

- Jack and Hurley arrive at the Lighthouse. Of course there's a 4-story lighthouse! Of course it wouldn't take years to build by who the hell knows who! Of course they never noticed it before! 

- In Claire's tent, we sort of feel bad for the Other guy. Also, to back up for a second, did anyone else notice that when Claire was stitching up Jin's wound, he was totally sweating? 

- Japanese-speaking, Other-leader is at the auditions David ran away to attend! Creepy. 

- Dorna informs us that she played piano for 10 years. John and I think she should have auditioned for Julliard. 

- At the lighthouse, Hurley starts to move the dial. Isn't this how the island moved back in the day? We wonder who's coming to the island. 

- We want screen grabs of the names on the dial. 

- Jack has a lead pipe in his hand - how is Hurley not scared he's going to smash him and not the mirrors? 

- What exactly is Jack contemplating by the ocean? He's still annoying, we think. Too self righteous or something. 

- Ah, but Jacob says some people need to contemplate by the ocean in order to figure it all out. We stand corrected. 

- We think we're going to find out who David's mother is by the end of the episode, but instead, we find out that crazy mother Claire isn't too happy that Kate was taking on her role. We say: Wouldn't she want Aaron off the damn island? It obviously hasn't helped Claire much. 

- I might stop watching this show if the preview credits for "next week's episode" don't stop saying QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED. 

Overall thoughts: Island-Claire is way too Rousseau-like. Mothers suffering for their children, would do anything for them - even hack a guy with an ax and befriend crazy smoke-monster Locke and all that. Meh. I don't know, it's kind of lame. Also, this episode totally made us think back to high school. Which, since we had a pretty decent time in high school, is fine by us.  

Your thoughts? 


  1. i think kate is david's mom too!! and can i please have that pasta e fagioli recipe please, i've really been craving some. or you can just bring over a pot ( :

    do you have your laptop with you and comment while you're watching, or wait until after??

  2. haha yea, i can totally bring over a pot - when do you guys have a big exam? i can come and "surprise" you with dinner!