Wednesday, February 10, 2010

lost observations

Before we begin this next installment of Observations Made While Watching Lost, can someone please, please, pretty please suggest another name besides "Lost Observations" or the even more verbose "Observations Made While Watching Lost?" Hello, boring. Any thoughts on that would be much appreciated. 

And now, on with it.... 

So last night, Dorna made us an awesome dish that was full of eggplant and tomatoes and garlic and eggs. We ate it with whole wheat pita's, while watching the opening credits and it was so so good. Unfortunately, I kind of forgot to take a photo. Next time! 

Here's what we thought throughout: 

- Sayid is alive! As Jacob! We think. Whatever, we called it. 

- Claire is back! And in LA! Pregnant? 

- Of course Kate is going to bring back Sawyer. And of course, she can be "very convincing." 

- Why does Claire want her suitcase so bad? 

- I wish I could be totally unflinching if someone stuck a gun in my face too, mechanic-guy. 

- John wonders why Kate can steal a cab and leave Claire on the street, but then feels guilty when she sees a stuffed whale? 

- Explains why Claire wanted her suitcase, though. 

- Dorna says that the hippie-looking guy is named Lennon, which is way, way lame. 

- I wonder if, while Sayid is being tortured he's thinking: Karma. 

- Now Claire, why would you get in the car with someone who 2 scenes ago pointed a gun at you? 

- Kate is still way too Joey Potter for me to handle. I don't care if she's a "criminal." 

- Dorna loves the fact that the guy helping Kate and Jin find Sawyer is the creator of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

- If Always Sunny in Philadelphia guy was the one who Kate hit before escaping the cages, then does that mean that these guys are Others? So they're NOT new characters, then? Confused. 

- Jack is always trying to save the day. And it's annoying. 

- Sayid really trusts Jack? 

- The pill looks like Ginko Biloba.  

- Honestly, I thought that when Aaron's almost-adoptive mom opened the door, she would be someone we knew. 

- So it made me feel better when Ethan was her doctor. 

- There are lots of creepy-looking people on this show, btw. 

- Also, why does it seem like Ethan's lying when he says that Claire doesn't have to deliver the baby right away? 

- Poor Sawyer, maybe he really loved Juliet. 

- The Ginko Biloba is actually Poison. 

- Why in the world would Claire give Criminal Kate her credit card? 

- Because she's just going to cancel it later, obvs, say John and Dorna. 

-  Maybe Sayid is actually the black-shirted guy (which a friend I talked to this weekend kept calling Esau), and maybe black doesn't mean evil, afterall? 

- Finally they let Jack in on the fact that Claire's his sister. 

- Always Sunny Guy is shot, by Claire!


Overall thoughts: This show felt alot like filler. It seemed to be setting up a few of the subplots and was there for some explanation but mostly to keep moving the show forward. 


What were your thoughts on the episode? 



  1. are you being sarcastic about ethan? he totally creeps me out!!
    i did think that was funny that clare wanted her bag so bad when crazy criminal kate was letting her escape..but i feel like they formed this silent bond in the short time they had together where they were both those "two women alone in the world" and they conveniently found each other and almost forced to trust each other...that's why clare gave kate her credit card etc.
    agreed about jack saving the day getting annoying...
    why did kate start crying when sawyer threw the ring into the water? bc she wanted to be w. him? or bc she felt responsible for juliet's death?

  2. I agree with everything! (obvs)
    Except, you left out one important thing: we decided that Sawyer has a permanent wind machine following him around at all times and that is why he has that SEXY BREEZE flowing through those golden tresses 24/7.

    And Joyce...when are you coming to watch with us?!

  3. no, i totally wasn't being sarcastic. But, I was reading Jezebel's recap and it mentioned that back when the Others were trying to steal Claire's baby, Ethan was the guy who pretended to be the doctor. Very creepy!

    And agreed on the Kate and Claire bonding thing. I think she was crying because she felt like it was all her fault - or maybe she was sad that Sawyer doesn't love her anymore?