Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back from Vacation

This was the view from the beach this morning around 730 am, when Karen and I went to yoga. It was quiet and mostly empty and the class was hard as hell.

We're back home now. The clothes are in the laundry, the sand toys are in the garage and the beach chairs are still in the back of the car. That last one is wishful thinking for couple more beach days before the end of summer.

The ride home was full of traffic and alternate routes, a stop for pizza in New Haven, a couple episodes of Revisionist History and a mostly napping toddler. Tomorrow there will be prep and food shopping and lots more laundry.

Also pictures. Lots of pictures. And lists of places we went and things we did. So the basic back-from-vacation back-to-routine. Here's to that.

1 comment:

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