Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Taking Stock This Week

It's a Wednesday over here, which means this is short and sweet. 

Cooking: Not much. We made tacos on Monday, went out for burgers on Tuesday and had some lentil suit that my mother-in-law made tonight.

Drinking: At the farmer’s market this afternoon (it’s on Wednesdays here, so I try and go during lunch), I finally tried the tea at Teagevity. The line is usually long, but it’s totally worth it—the hibiscus pineapple iced tea was awesome.

Reading: Ugh, still slogging through My Antonia. I think I made it a couple pages since last week.

Making: Plans

Wanting: A manicure/pedicure

Looking: For photos to hang up in the living room. We’re finally committing to finishing this room, and wall art is up high on the list

Deciding: To officially change my work hours to 9-5. I had been doing 8-4, but I love having the extra time in the morning where I don’t feel like we’re waking up and rushing out of the house.

Wondering: What to do about Luca’s birthday in a couple months

Wishing: That the longer days could last a little longer—it started getting dark around 7:30 and well, it’s probably all downhill from here

Enjoying: The slower mornings. Slower is a relative word and doesn’t involve meditation in any way.

Watching: I watched the last episode of Party of Five last/today (fell asleep last night) and man, I just love 90s dramas. I watched the show back in high school though honestly, I didn’t remember much. It was dramatic and totally unrealistic and I loved it.

Hoping: For good weather this weekend—we’ve got two parties and lots of relaxing to do

Wearing:  Right now? Pajamas.

Marveling: At the possibilities

Loving: When Luca laughs those deep belly laughs

Snacking: On these crackers, which I bought for Luca but have taken over, basically

Bookmarking: This article on being a working mom. I have so much to say about that topic that half the time I don’t even know where to start. But I found so much of this piece to be true—except the part about making it to every one of your kids’ games. Like I commented on the post where I saw this, my mom stayed home and she didn’t even make it to all of them.

Feeling: Tired.

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