Thursday, August 18, 2016

Taking Stock This Week

Here's a quick look at the last week...from Cape Cod. Also, just a side note: taking photos with toddlers when they'd rather be doing anything but taking photos is no joke. And also slightly impossible...don't let the Instagrams fool anyone. 

Cooking: As I write this, my brothers are in the middle of cooking lobsters. When on vacation…

Drinking: A beer

Reading: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and I’m loving it—I started it this week and I’m about halfway through so far. I love how the chapters are sorted, with each one told from the point of view of a new generation of family member. 

Making: Grilled chicken for Luca. Hopefully he’ll try the lobster too  

Wanting: To keep this beach wave-hair that happens naturally. I’ve watched the YouTube videos and I’ve read the how-tos and just…nothing seems to work as well as the real thing.

Looking: Forward to a full-on beach day tomorrow

Wishing: That we could stay here another week

Enjoying: This time away. Of course. 

Watching: Maters Tall Tales, at 4:30 this morning. Luca fell asleep at like 7pm last night, which, contrary to most toddler beliefs, is completely unlike him, so he was up at 2am. We tried to get him back to sleep for an hour or so before ultimately giving in and going in the living room to watch tv. He did fall asleep shortly thereafter, thankfully.

Hoping: That we can keep up this tradition. It’s just so nice…and I love the fact that Luca gets so much one-on-one time with family. He sees them all the time at home, but when everyone is in the same house, it’s just different.

Wearing: A bathing suit—all day every day this week, friends.

Knowing: How good this all is.

Thinking: About how small Luca was this time last year. He was only crawling and had really just started eating non-pureed solid foods. And now he talks his head off all the time and can’t be stopped.

Needing: To stay this relaxed, even when I get back. Fellow parents and fellow working humans, you know how that goes.

Marveling: At how much Luca loves the water. And the sand. I guess I shouldn’t, really, but oh man he is a beach baby for sure.

Loving: The fact that we get to spend this time with both of our families. I know how lucky we are and I don’t take that for granted.

Sorting: Through all our clothes. This is becoming a common theme…

Snacking: On all the chips. Always and forever.

Bookmarking: Nothing this week. I feel like I'm always reading articles and such and this week, nothing. And honestly, I needed a break for a second. 

Feeling: Happy. 

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