Thursday, August 25, 2016

Some Random Thoughts on a Day

It’s a blank screen kind of day—the kind where I open the computer while John is giving Luca a bath and think about what happened, see if anything stands out. What’s worth noting or recording or remembering.

But it was a normal kind of day, a non-momentous kind of day. A go to work, make dinner, watch TV kind of day.

I’m thinking about Luca’s bedtime routine. We’ve never been particularly strict, but he’s started in on the time-tested, almost 2-year-old tradition of delaying bedtime by asking for water and then milk and then, if all else fails, simply pointing and saying, “living room, living room” over and over. It’s slightly exhausting, so we’re getting a little stricter about the whole thing. Once bath time is over, one of us goes in his room with him and that’s it—no more coming into the living room or wanting to watch TV or anything except books and bed and quiet. We hope.

It’ll probably work for about a week and then we’ll have to change it up, like most parenting things.

Speaking of, I made these zucchini sticks tonight and Luca ate them. I never thought I’d be so happy at the sight of my kid eating vegetables, but we all become mom clichés at one time or another.

Another cliché? I ate tomatoes and peaches from the farmer’s market and they made my whole day better.

So it was a normal kind of day. Where routine trumped everything else and I finished a project and said hello to people in the hallway I haven’t seen in awhile. Where I got to sit on the floor and build a garage out of blocks and draw a moon and a sun and a really, really awful looking truck on the Magna Doodle. Where I got to have stickers on my hand and on my shirt and make sure the Band-Aid from that fall he took was on properly. 

And now I’ll sit on the couch and watch Homeland with my husband and it’ll be the end of a normal kind of day, a non-momentous kind of day. Maybe the best kind of day.

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