Sunday, August 14, 2016

Things I Did Today

1.  Ate this gorgeous meal pictured here.

2. Went to the beach.

3. Sat outside and read a book.

4. Went for a quick bike ride.

5. Sat around the table, talking.

6. Walked down to the beach at night

7. Ate a popsicle.

8. Splashed around with Luca

All in all, it was a vacation day, in the purest sense of the word. I’m tired now, even though I’m sure there’s a lot more to say. More pictures to share and more details to get into. There’s a better time to write then right before bed, that much I’m learning. But it’s just the start—of all of this, really.

It’s a total clich√© to say, but doing this makes me think of all the other things. The bigger things—the bigger picture things, I mean to say. What do I want it all to look like and where and when and how. The same questions we learned to answer in Writing and Reporting, in a small classroom on Comm Ave. in a city not too far from here.

Sometimes I think we have so much time to answer them, to figure them out. Sometimes I look at other families and I think: there are still so many years until Luca is a teenager, a 20-something, an adult with his own family. So many changes that can be made along the way. So many different ways to take. But then of course, the reality is probably different. One decision can change everything—or maybe not.

I’m being vague and there’s probably a better way to say this too. To flesh it out and think it through. I’m not there yet, though maybe at some point I’ll get there. Maybe now is supposed to be just the start, anyway.

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