Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shifting Perspectives

What I’m about to write is the kind of thing that’s really, painfully obvious. But lately, I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am for the fact that our perspective on life is constantly changing and evolving.  

That our opinions and our actions can change and that there are times we can be acutely aware of it happening—of there being a line where we think, I would have said that in the past, or I wouldn’t have been so open to that idea or I wouldn’t have looked at things like that. When experience, or something like it, makes you pause for a second.

When you realize growing up isn’t this thing that happens somewhere between 15 and 30. That you don’t, in fact, emerge from the other side of the heartbreak and the all nighters and the low-paying jobs with a fully intact personality.  

That we can begin to understand that grace and empathy are vital for most things in life, both for ourselves (Living room a mess? Bathroom not clean? Kid eating pasta for the third night in a row?) and everyone around us.

And maybe we always knew it? Still, sometimes it’s nice to remember that it’s there, and that we can be thankful that it is. That we’re letting it happen and growing right along with it.

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